jueves, 21 de julio de 2016

julio 21, 2016

Transcripción José Repetto

In recent years this country's gone to hell
And crack's getting bigger on the side of that liberty bell
Well Clinton, Obama and the democratic crew
sure did a number on me and you
It wasn't my vote
you can blame yourselves for that

But we got a chance to turn things around
if you get your butt above the ground
And understand we're all gonna have to work

This big ol' country was build on sweat
And if we're gonna make it great again you're gonna get wet
But the first things first, we all gotta vote for Trump

Vote for Trump!
Donald Trump!
(Donald Trump!)
And to hell with the rest
they'll get us over the hole
And down to vote, we'll all go
and a wall will get built by Mexico
But first things first, we all gotta vote for Trump

He understands the working man
Tells a truth that we can understand
He don't lie, (he's) all right
He's all right

He pays his own weight, don't take no crap
Gonna bring back country ()
And if nothing else, we can all thank Donald for that
(Thank you, Donald!)


Well little Marco and lying Ted
It's time to go home and crawl into bed
Campaing's over and the big fat lady sang

And Hillary Clinton don't stand a chance
With her preacher hair and her old man's pants
Take Bill home, good God he's getting old

Let´s vote for Trump
That Ol' Trump

Jesus Says
Vote for Trump!